Tabral for Anything

Streamline your paperwork and processes to unleash your team's productivity.

Making your solutions

Step 1: Modify or start from scratch

From the demo solutions in your account, you can select the one that best fits one of your processes and use "as is" or modify. Alternatively, we can work with you to design something completely different. This is part of the free implementation service.

Step 2: Get feedback

You can change your design easily, at any time. Feedback from your Users can be checked, and changes made so you get a solution that's practical and works for everyone.

Step 3: Route data

Your Users stay in the field completing tasks. Depending on what your enterprise needs, the data can be transformed into documents and sent to email, Cloud Storage, or funneled into your other systems, direct from their devices.

Step 4: Start using

Check in with your Users for feedback so the design can be adjusted and improved. Sometimes the process of digitising information highlights processes that have become overly complex or unnecessary. You may find further ideas emerge as you refine the way you record your business tasks.

Rinse. Repeat.

Make more. Simply start on the next task and iterate the process. This is when your investment in using the Tabral platform really starts to pay off, as you experience the benefits. You can do this by yourself, with some help, or we can do it all for you.

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"Once we saw how easy it was to use the Booking In app, we created another one for agents to use when creating sale notes. It lets them record livestock details in the field at the moment of sale. This ensures everything is accurately captured in the system."

Mike Shaw IT Manager - NZ Farmers Livestock

Get in touch

Meet with one of our technical consultants to see how Tabral can fit your business needs. We're focused on adding value, not making a sale, so if we think Tabral isn't the right fit, we'll advise you up front.