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Why Tabral?

Eliminate paperwork

Do it once. Do it right. With Tabral you create tasks that are tailored to what your mobile workers do. They open Tabral on their devices, enter their information and press Send. Job done.

See what's happening

Tabral keeps managers in the loop by delivering data direct from mobile workers to the Tabral web and/or the manager's device. This gives managers real-time monitoring that empowers them to sort out problems faster.

One platform, unlimited solutions

Many processes? With Tabral, you can cost-effectively scale your usage and create more tasks and workflows as needed.

Flexible pricing

Growing workforce? Seasonal demand? Tabral has adaptable pricing to suit you. Pay a fixed price per User, or pay by the number of tasks, or a mix of both. You can switch at any time - so you're always on the plan that works for you.


What you get with the Tabral platform

The ability to build unlimited mobile solutions for your business.


Tabral lets you design mobile forms that enable Users to capture all kinds of data, including signatures, images and location data. Your forms can have rules, perform auto calculations, and be set up with default data to speed up workflows. And they can be modified and improved by you - whenever you need to make a change.


Data can flow both ways - both from and to your Users. Workflows can be based on rules, so you can single out a particular time or specific events. For scattered teams, tasks can be sent to the team leader's device and signed off before entering your business systems. This reduces delays and the need for team leaders to access a computer.


As soon as a task is complete it can be sent to multiple endpoints. The same data can be emailed to a Customer, transformed into a document for Dropbox, or integrated with business systems. And you can send the same data to all these endpoints at the same time.


Tabral's pricing is tailored to your business. You can opt for a fixed monthly price per User, or pay for total usage at a rate per task. You can also choose the hybrid option - a mix of fixed and variable pricing. As your total usage or number of Users go up, the rates go down. Change your pricing plan with just one month's notice.

Work online or offline

Tabral is a native mobile application, so when a User is viewing or editing a task, all the standard functionality is available anywhere. Users only need a mobile connection when they send or receive data.

How can Tabral help you?

Eliminate the bottlenecks, pain points and waste that come with old paper-based processes. Remove the need for workers to sit at a computer and enter data at the end of the day. Unleash the abilities of everyone in your team to work smarter and add more value.

Cut out errors and get essential information, entered once

Get live data that that tells you exactly what's happening

Convert just about any routine process into a mobile task

Increase accuracy with rules that suit your business

Choose a pricing plan that matches your usage

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AMS is now Tabral

AMS is now Tabral

What's in a name? AMS has served us well but it's time for a new name that captures the essence of what our platform does for our customers. You could say we're all about helping businesses tabulate data in real time, so they can save time, save money, and operate with more agility.

From anywhere to the back office

From anywhere to the back office

A lot goes on in the field. If you're in a field service business like community health, agribusiness, construction/engineering, sales and service, transport and more, you'll know it's where some of your most critical work takes place, and where you get some of your most important data.

Digital transformation using mobiles

Digital transformation using mobiles

Unlocking the power of mobiles to transform your business can be easy - and help your organisation run more efficiently than ever. This means more financial savings, better operations, and more time to focus on what your business or organisation is all about.

Mobile technology for field workers

Mobile technology for field workers

Put simply, it's important to capture information correctly for legal, safety and business operations reasons. For example, if you are in Healthcare, Tabral improves information access, enhances workflow and promotes evidence-based practice to make effective decisions at point of care.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tabral for?

Tabral is for any organization that needs to send or receive accurate, timely data from workers on the move. It is currently used by businesses in the Construction, Service, Community Health, and Agricultural sectors. If you have people completing tasks away from the office - even if they don't have mobile network coverage - you can use the Tabral platform to create mobile solutions that capture the daily data your organization runs on.

What can I do with Tabral?

Just about anything that involves capturing data in a structured way and sending it directly to business systems, co-workers or clients. You can convert your existing paperwork into mobile forms and design efficient workflows. Some examples are Timesheets, Job Sheets, Client Records, Health and Safety Checks, and Inspections. Your mobile forms can include signatures, photos and location data, as well as default settings that speed up workflows in your business.

How easy is to create mobile forms with Tabral?

The platform is designed for business owners and managers to customise, with no coding or IT expertise required. That said, we are happy to help you get started with expert guidance at no cost.

How do I get started?

Just select Talk with us, and book a time, so we can better understand your requirements and set up an account. We aim to understand your business requirements before we provide guidance, so there are no initial fees or sales tactics.

How many mobile solutions can I create when I sign up with Tabral?

As many as you like. Our pricing is flexible so you can choose a payment plan and then create as many mobile solutions as your business needs. You can opt to pay a fee based on the number of Users, or pay by the total amount of data you generate. Or you can opt for a hybrid of both. Many of our clients start with Tabral to replace paper dockets or time sheets, and then decide to convert other paper-based tasks into mobile solutions. With Tabral, it's easy.

What support is included in my monthly fees?

We work with your team to help you get started. Ongoing support is provided through the Support desk. Usually small (30 minutes or less) responses are not charged. Tabral does not offer a bespoke build service.

What are the contract terms?

Terms are month by month, and you can cancel anytime. If you want to change your pricing plan because your data usage or number of Users have increased, you can change with one month's notice.

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