Tabral for Inspections

Save time and reduce errors with inspections that deliver consistent results.

Tabral for Inspections


What's special about Tabral inspections

Scalable to suit your business

Create a range of simple or complex inspection options that include on-device calculations to reduce admin staff workload.

No delays

Inspection data flows seamlessly into your systems for faster reporting.

Less admin

Capture inspection data and customer sign-offs directly on device.

Flexible pricing

Per-usage pricing makes it cost-effective for larger teams.

The Tabral system enables Brownrigg Agriculture to gather animal health data efficiently and keep it in one place for easy reference. Another bonus is the way Brownrigg Agriculture staff capture data on stock movements. Every time stock are moved between the company's farms or sent to the slaughterhouse, the farm staff record details on stock weight, destinations and truck movements. This is fed into Brownrigg's Farmax system, which drives the business' pasture budgeting and financial modelling. Hayden and the rest of Brownrigg Agriculture management team are strong believers in the value of mobile data. They're using Tabral to reduce the admin burden on staff while increasing accuracy and fine-tuning efficiency.

Brownrigg Agriculture

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