Tabral for Health and Safety

Generate Risk Assessments and Near Miss Reports that minimize hazards and deliver timely alerts.

Tabral For Health And Safety


What's special about Tabral health & safety

Scalable to suit your business

Create a range of simple or complex checks that include on-device calculations and alerts to instigate actions.

No delays

Hazard data flows seamlessly into your systems for faster awareness and preventative actions.

Less admin

Data accuracy is increased when it's entered 'on the spot' with no need for further checking.

Flexible pricing

Per-usage pricing makes it cost-effective for larger teams.

Dean Currie from SGS has also used the Tabral platform to create an incident reporting tool that keeps managers aware of accidents and near misses in real time. "If one of our engineers twists an ankle during a site visit, we need to be aware of it. Maybe there's been an increase in one particular hazard on certain sites, and this needs to be evaluated so we can instigate the right measures. We need timely alerts rather than relying on phone calls and text messages at a later stage. By using the Tabral tools to build our own app we can get early notification into our system. And we can act appropriately."

Dean Currie SGS General Manager of Industrial Non-Destructive and Materials Testing - SGS

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